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Status: Ongoing (Annual Event)

A quick note first: AbleGames is not associated with AbleGamers or The AbleGamers Foundation.  It is a program of Assistive Technology Partners.  I just coordinated and prepared the games and technology, and tried to keep them working during the event.  The official AbleGames page (including photo albums from each event and links to news coverage) can be found here. (Updated link to photo albums here.)

At AbleGames 2010, we had:
  • 6 Nintendo Wii stations
    • Each projected onto a wall for the "big screen" effect
    • 2 with our "seating system on a Fit Board" contraptions
    • 2 with switch adapted Guitar Hero (one with drums and microphone)
    • 2 with WiiMotes strapped to hats, arms, etc. for racing and sports games
  • 6 computer stations
  • 2 switch adapted Nerf machine gun stations
    • With velcro tipped darts, targets, and vests for moving targets to wear
    • Mounted on "universal mounts" (Bogen arms)
  • 2 switch adapted pinball tables (Provided by Dan and Holly of the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown)
    • 1 standard height, 1 with legs cut down to accommodate children and wheelchairs
    • Adapted so that one switch jack controls both paddles
  • 1 "Splatball" station
    • (A homemade slingshot that could be fired by pressing a large board, which shot paintballs at targets.  Several people recommended paintball for children with vision impairments, due to the sound, smell, and tactile feedback.)
  • A large variety of switch toys, iPads with games and other fun apps, a switch adapted "color spinner" painting toy, etc
Physical, occupational, and speech therapists volunteered as coaches for each participant, helping to tailor games to their particular needs on the fly.  Other volunteers included the ATP staff and their families, other local therapists, a local boy scout troop, and many more.  Two retired basketball players from the Denver Nuggets came to play Hoop Stars with the children, as well as sign autographs, pose for pictures, and act as Nerf gun targets.  At the end of the day, each participant received a trophy, certificate, and CD with all of the computer games.  All of the computers (donations that I refurbished) were given away, so that the participants could continue playing at home.

AbleGames really is an incredible day for everyone involved.

Special thanks go to Barrie at OneSwitch for his constant support and advice, as well as most of the games themselves.  Please check out his excellent blog post about AbleGames 2010.  The photos he chose are fantastic!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions, or ideas pertaining to AbleGames and the adaptations that have been used.  Christina Perkins is the official contact person at ATP (and I am no longer there). 

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